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Welcome to Homemade Frontier. We’re thrilled to see you. If you are just getting started and are looking for the beginner classes, this is the page for you.

We’ve gathered all of our basic skills tutorials on one page.

Learn to Knit with Homemade Frontier

We started with learning about yarn and about how to be a frugal knitter. Then got busy learning to knit, with videos even.

Once you’ve mastered the knit and purl stitch, try your hand at knitting a sock.

Knit on friends!

Learn to Crochet with Homemade Frontier

I was a totally newbie at crochet so I’m learning right along with you. My friend Mandi taught me how to crochet. When I mastered the basic skills she taught me, and you, how to make a granny square tote bag.

If you and your crochet hook are ready for more visit our 10 simple crochet projects round-up.

Hooks away!

Learn to Sew with Homemade Frontier

Once you’ve gathered what you need to start sewing, get busy making simple table linens or baby blankets. Before you get started please read 10 sewing lessons I’ve learned the hard way.

When you are ready to tackle more challenging projects visit our blue ribbon ruffle tutorial and 10 homemade skirts round-up.

Happy Sewing!

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