Welcome to Homemade Frontier, we’re thrilled to see you. Can we offer you a coffee? Or maybe some lemonade? We have cookies if you need a snack.

Homemade Frontier is where we chronicle our love of doing it ourselves and growing it ourselves. Where we aim to make the old fashion way of life modern and practical. Old fashioned with iPhones and washing machines and those awesome boots you found on sale.

Our passions are sewing, knitting, cooking and preserving, crocheting and gardening.

We have 3 goals at Homemade Frontier:

  • Learn
  • Support
  • Share
If we can’t do it, we’ll teach you. If you can do it, please teach us.

The Writers

Homemade Frontier was started by Kristin Glasbergen and Sue Campbell as an excuse to indulge in extreme crafting, cooking and gardening behaviors. They have a love of all things homemade and homegrown and believe that without DIYers, the world would surely already be in hell’s hand basket.

Kristin Glasbergen is a reluctant suburbanite longing for the wide open spaces of rural living but without the commute time. She will try to make almost anything, at least once. Kristin cooks, bakes and grows gluten free with her husband and two little girls in Ontario. She tweets as @kristinglas and blogs at Kristin’s Glas.

Sue Campbell is a freelance writer and wanna-be urban farmer in Portland, Oregon. When not crafting, feeding chickens with her daughter or walking her three legged dog, she’s dropping hints that her husband should buy her a goat. She tweets under the handle @SueCampbell_, and blogs at Mommy’s Pen.


Get Started

Wherever your homemade passion lies, join us. We will celebrate your projects, pull you through when things don’t work out like you’d planned and aim to inspire you.

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