Raise Worms And Produce Compost

how to compost

One of my greatest friends is a compost expert. Heather has been composting for years and I am keen to learn how to produce my own dirt. I invited Heather to share her compost tips with us.  I have a dirty little secret – I’ve been living with worms for 14 years. Ever since I […]

Sewing Lesson: Blue Ribbon Ruffle

Ruffle Diagram

I try to be the crafter who’s not intimated by trying new things, but I must admit the idea of making a ruffle gave me pause. It sounded complicated. My answer to that was to give it a try when someone was around to hold my hand. Enter my mother-in-law, Deb, and her “blue ribbon” […]

Make Rock Magnets


Post by Pam Weppler. Turn a regular afternoon into a fun-filled exploration to find the perfect rocks and make some rock magnets with your kids.  These unique magnets are useful and add some simple, natural style to your fridge or around the office! Things You Will Need: Rocks with one  flat edge Round Magnets (I […]

Learn To Knit With Homemade Frontier.

Who’s ready to learn something new?  Well good. Grab your yarn and needles and let’s get knitting. We’ve got 3 basic lessons for you and 3 next step lessons. Lesson 1: Cast On. Click here to watch.   Lesson 2: The Knit Stitch Click here to watch. Lesson 3: The Purl Stitch Click here to […]

Tutorial: Make a Soft Cover Book

You can make your very own impressive mini soft cover book. All you need is some paper, half an hour of your time, and opposable thumbs. This type of bookbinding requires no glue, no special tools, and no unusual skills. Honest.

These little books are great for carrying in your pocket or bag for jotting down addresses, phone numbers, or thoughts that you don’t want to escape. They make great little journals. And who wouldn’t want to receive a gift of a handmade book? Give it a try.