Freedom From Shampoo: How And Why

Post by Tara Patey.  Let’s talk about shampoo.  I haven’t used commercial shampoo in almost a year. Instead I wash my hair with shampoo soap. During this time, I have managed to convert my husband and mother to using a good bar of handmade soap in place of their traditional shampoo.  Trust me, no meager […]

How a Homemade Passion Begins

Post by Tara Patey. Hand made has always been an important part of my life.  Some of my clearest childhood memories involve things made by hand.  Like the hours I spent at my grandmother’s elbow, watching her knead bread and bake cookies.  Or the hand knit woollen mittens and socks she would make me.  Let’s […]

Happy Soapy Valentine’s

Oh, I know it’s just another Hallmark sponsored holiday, another celebration gone the way of over-consumption and debt. But I don’t care, I love Valentine’s Day and I don’t care who knows it. This year we went with the use what we have theme for making Valentines. We had a soap making kit and an […]