Bring On The Peaches!


  If I was forced to chose my most favourite of summer I would chose peaches. I mean really forced, like against my will, because choosing between summer fruit is like picking favourites between your kids.  Peaches are just starting to make an appearance at our farmer’s markets. But I’ve got an inside scoop on […]

Chronic Shmonic Muffins

I’m on a personal mission to lower the GI of my favorite baked goods. If you’re not familiar with the glycemic index (or GI), it’s simply a way of rating how much a given food will raise blood sugar levels. It’s a scale from 1 – 100. The idea is to eat foods low on […]

Five Recipes I’m Making When My Vitamix Arrives


I’ve done it. I ordered a new blender. Not just any blender, there’s a fancy dancy new Vitamix on it’s way to me as I type. I’m giddy with excitement, like a kid waiting for Santa I keep checking out the window for the UPS truck. I’ve never had such a serious blender. Oh well, […]

Homemade Crepes


Mmm, crepes. Somewhere between a pancake and an omelet, crepes are more versatile than you may realize. They’re a great way to wrap up delicious things, be they sweet or savory. Personally, I prefer savory. My local farmer’s market has a vendor offering huge crepes stuffed with local goodness. They even offer two kinds of […]

Lentil Shiitake Mushroom Wrap

I’m on a bit of a lentil kick lately. Before your roll your eyes at me, let me make my case. Properly cooked, lightly seasoned lentils are delicious, smooth, almost buttery and nutty at the same time. Legumy goodness. Not to mention all the protein, fiber and nutrients packed into every serving.   Lentils are […]