10 Simple And Cheap Homemade Cleaners

carpet powder

I’m not big on housekeeping. I know, this isn’t news or anything but it still shocks me when I see a glitter covered dust bunny bigger than the dog hop on by.  But I am anticipating a new house cleaning frenzy and I want to be ready for it when it hits. I like to keep an […]

10 Ideas for Canada Day and July 4th

berry trifle

Homemade Frontier is equal parts patriotic Canadian and patriotic American. And as such we aim to celebrate each and every holiday regardless of which side of the border it falls on. What we are saying is – more parties! Canada and the United States celebrate their birthday’s in the same week and even have coordinating colour/color schemes. […]

A Case For Knitting Socks

The first thing I ever knit was a sock and it was the ugliest sock I’ve ever seen. It was knit with the worst kind of squeaky acrylic yarn and was fluorescent green. It was so stiff that we used it as a mitt to open the fireplace gate to add more logs. I never knit it […]

10 Hands On Crafts for Kids

summer crafts for kids

Sometimes kids just wanna make a mess. Who am I kidding, they always want to make a mess. Here’s 10 super fun mess making homemade activities to satisfy the mess maker in all of us.   With the hot weather just around the corner or right on your doorstep water play is a great way […]

10 Homemade Recipes At Homemade Frontier

If you are new to Homemade Frontier (Hi! Welcome) you might not know that we have a whole lot of super duper recipes archived here. We want to share them. If you aren’t new to Homemade Frontier we’re still thrilled to see you and hope you getting cooking with us.   Homemade Tamales, fun for […]