5 Knitting Projects that are Not Picky About Gauge

Sometimes, you just want to knit. You don’t feel like worrying about gauge (or tension). These project are for you. While each project has a recommended gauge, the fact is no one s going to know or care that yours doesn’t quite match. No swatching and changing needles sizes to get it just write. Just use the recommended needles and yarn weight and cast on!

Master Plan for Frugal Knitting

Sometime during the past 20 years, the idea that you can save money by knitting your own sweaters and sewing your own clothes has been replaced with the concept of handcrafts as a luxury pursuit. It’s sad really.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the merino and cashmere yarn of today, but a knitting obsession can easily get out of hand. One look at my stash will tell you that.

The good news is, if you’re just getting started knitting, you’re in the perfect position to buy your supplies and build your yarn stash economically.

I firmly believe the quality of your materials should match the time and effort you’re putting in. But you shouldn’t have to go broke for that to happen. Here are the basics of what you need and how to get it as cheaply as possible, without settling for acrylic yarn and plastic needles.

Learn To Knit With Homemade Frontier.

Who’s ready to learn something new?  Well good. Grab your yarn and needles and let’s get knitting. We’ve got 3 basic lessons for you and 3 next step lessons. Lesson 1: Cast On. Click here to watch.   Lesson 2: The Knit Stitch Click here to watch. Lesson 3: The Purl Stitch Click here to […]

10 Homemade Easter Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Let’s start decorating for the Easter Bunny! He (Or she, is there an official ruling on the sex of the Easter Bunny?) is nearly ready to hippity hoppity down that bunny trail and eggs must be dyed and baskets decorated. We’ve gathered the best Easter crafts and snacks we could find to share with you. Ready, […]

Why Make Things?

Over the years I’ve taught perhaps two dozen people to knit. And I love it. It’s like getting them addicted to something that’s good for them — like getting someone hooked on hummus. But some folks have a hard time understanding why you’d take the time to make something you can easily buy.  I was […]