Hooray For Harvest

burpees gold and chiogga beets

Our garden is going great guns. Some things we are harvesting daily and eating up, others we are still waiting on. The waiting is easier because we are busy eating up the tasty things we’ve harvested.  On the waiting end of the garden- Watermelon, we have 3 growing. The kids check them everyday hoping that […]

How My Garden Grows

zucchini plant

Our garden is going great guns over here. I’m thrilled with it and we’ve only had to weed once so far. The yard at our old house was infested with the most evil weed imaginable, a vine that took down everything in its path. Weeding was a constant chore that required constant vigilance. It was […]

The Garden Kristin Built

The garden I mostly built, sort of.   How’s your garden growing?

Twelve Tips For Simpler Weeding


Let’s talk weeding. I know it’s not sexy and it’s not a part of gardening that most of us enjoy, but, like doing the dishes, life’s a little better once the job is done. I grew up in the midwest where weeds don’t get much more than 6-8 inches high. Imagine my horror when I […]

Build a Raised Garden: a Primer

  If you are getting into vegetable gardening, I encourage you to build yourself a raised bed. It’s a bit of front end labour but once it’s done it will extend your growing season — a serious necessity if you live in Canada — and save much wear and tear from your back as you […]