Hooray For Harvest

burpees gold and chiogga beets

Our garden is going great guns. Some things we are harvesting daily and eating up, others we are still waiting on. The waiting is easier because we are busy eating up the tasty things we’ve harvested.  On the waiting end of the garden- Watermelon, we have 3 growing. The kids check them everyday hoping that […]

Five Ways To Stick It To The Man

compost bin

If there’s anything I know for sure it’s that changing too much at once is a recipe for disaster.  And crying, there’s usually a lot of crying. But then… I am impatient. I want things done yesterday. This leaves me stuck between emotional collapse and boredom. Imagine me the teeter totter of life, doing too much, […]

How My Garden Grows

zucchini plant

Our garden is going great guns over here. I’m thrilled with it and we’ve only had to weed once so far. The yard at our old house was infested with the most evil weed imaginable, a vine that took down everything in its path. Weeding was a constant chore that required constant vigilance. It was […]

The Garden Kristin Built

The garden I mostly built, sort of.   How’s your garden growing?

Raise Worms And Produce Compost

how to compost

One of my greatest friends is a compost expert. Heather has been composting for years and I am keen to learn how to produce my own dirt. I invited Heather to share her compost tips with us.  I have a dirty little secret – I’ve been living with worms for 14 years. Ever since I […]