Homemade Easter Eggs, with Chocolate

Hooray for Easter! Bring on the chocolate eggs, homemade style of course. This past weekend I got busy with my melting chocolate friend Heather and we crafted some tasty Easter treats.

If you don’t have a melting chocolate friend I recommend you get one, pronto. They aren’t hard to find. Just ask, nearly all friends are willing to step up to melt chocolate.

The recipe we used (below) is a cream cheese filling and then chocolate dipped. I maybe made a mess mixing the icing sugar into the cream cheese. But it was a tasty mess.

Make a Bunny Finger Puppet


Felt is one of my favorite fabrics to work with. It doesn’t fray, so you can cut without the need to finish the edges. It feels wonderful to the touch and comes in many pretty colors. I highly recommend getting real wool felt. Polyester or a wool blend will work, but you lose a bit of the magic. We happen to have a limited quantity of 100% wool felt in stock, in case it’s hard to come by in your area.