Lessons Learned Learning To Crochet

learn to crochet

Post by Carol Anne I started crocheting as way to connect with my mother and grandmothers (even the mean one!).  They crocheted and knitted and I feel a little closer to them, like we’d have something in common if they were here.  That may be a little heavy.  But, it connects me with family that […]

Crochet-a-Long: Let’s Make a Granny Square Bag

Welcome happy crafters. Who’s ready for another crochet lesson? Me too. Today’s lesson: granny squares.
The lovely Mandi, who’s been very generous with her time and yarn, has researched a great pattern for us. We’ll be using a free pattern, Granny Square Bag from JoAnn’s. Learn new skills and make a new tote, best deal ever.

Join Ravelry and Let’s Be Friends

So we’ve hooked you into fibre crafts, you’re knitting and crocheting up a storm. Hooray! That was the plan from the beginning, enabling everyone we know to buy more yarn. Glad you are on board. Carry on good crafter. Now that you are busy knitting or crocheting you need somewhere to keep track of all your […]


Welcome to Homemade Frontier, we’re thrilled to see you. Can we offer you a coffee? Or maybe some lemonade? We have cookies if you need a snack. We believe in a better future  — made by all of us — not purchased from a big box store. Let’s go forward using by the best of […]