What To Do When Your Kitchen Is Full Of Raspberries

raspberry canes

Is your kitchen full of raspberries? Mine too! Don’t worry friends, I’m giving you a step by step post telling you how to use up all those berries. Not one raspberry will be wasted. Promise. Step 1 – Freeze as many as you can. I suppose the most hygienic way to do this is to […]

Five Ways To Stick It To The Man

compost bin

If there’s anything I know for sure it’s that changing too much at once is a recipe for disaster.  And crying, there’s usually a lot of crying. But then… I am impatient. I want things done yesterday. This leaves me stuck between emotional collapse and boredom. Imagine me the teeter totter of life, doing too much, […]

How My Garden Grows

zucchini plant

Our garden is going great guns over here. I’m thrilled with it and we’ve only had to weed once so far. The yard at our old house was infested with the most evil weed imaginable, a vine that took down everything in its path. Weeding was a constant chore that required constant vigilance. It was […]

Tried and True Vegetable Garden Recommendations

At Homemade Frontier we welcome gardeners at every level. If you are just getting started visit our 10 Gardening Tips for Newbies. If your green thumb is well established then please share your experience in the comments. Here are my tried and true best vegetable garden plants. Herbs It’s nice to buy herbs in the spring as […]

10 Vegetable Gardening Tips for Newbies

Vegetable gardening is one of the great joys of summer. I’ve been growing vegetables for about eight years now, and while one could spend a lifetime learning everything there is to know, here are ten things I wish I’d known right from the start. 1. Start small but think bigger. An itty bitty raised bed, […]