How to Make Wet Felted Beads

felt beads

Here’s a quick project that kids love. They get to play in water and use their hands without needing much fine motor skills. And they end up with colorful little felted beads they can use for just about anything. My daughter pretends they’re money, food, you name it. Or you can use a sharp needle […]

Homemade Hair Kerchiefs

Sew a ribbon onto a triangle and voila! You have an adorable hair accessory. This is a great use of fabric scraps or vintage handkerchiefs. There’s a fabric scrap version and vintage handkerchief version. The fabric scrap version takes a bit longer, but has the advantage of matching an adorable skirt you’ve made. Both version are pretty darn quick and east. Let’s get sewing!

Sewing Lesson: Blue Ribbon Ruffle

Ruffle Diagram

I try to be the crafter who’s not intimated by trying new things, but I must admit the idea of making a ruffle gave me pause. It sounded complicated. My answer to that was to give it a try when someone was around to hold my hand. Enter my mother-in-law, Deb, and her “blue ribbon” […]

Homemade Baby Blankets

It’s baby shower season. I know this because we’re booked for birthday parties every week from now until July. Sure it’s simple to find a baby shower gift in a big box store but I promise a new mom to be will love a homemade present more. Pre-made baby blankets tend to be thin and […]

Learn To Knit With Homemade Frontier.

Who’s ready to learn something new? ¬†Well good. Grab your yarn and needles and let’s get knitting. We’ve got 3 basic lessons for you and 3 next step lessons. Lesson 1: Cast On. Click here to watch.   Lesson 2: The Knit Stitch Click here to watch. Lesson 3: The Purl Stitch Click here to […]