Feel Good Friday: The Fitness Edition

running winter

Remember a long time ago, ancient times really in internet years, when I used to do Feel Good Friday? Well, I’m reinstating it. Starting now. I need some feel good in my week and I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you need some feel good in your week too. Ready, set, go. […]

Girl Guides: Code For Mothers With Bleeding Fingers

sewing on merit badges

This post was originally published on Kristin’s Glas on January 18, 2012. It got a big response from the Girl Guide community and turned out to be my most popular post on the day of publish. And it was my most controversial post. Who knew merit badge attachment was such a hot topic. I’ve been […]

What I Learned When The Dishwasher Broke

The dishwasher broke. Broke spectacularly and leaked a big flood into the basement. Fortunately the basement is completely ripped down to cement floor and stud walls and there was no damage. Unfortunately the dishwasher broke and leaked on the same day the whole house woke up with a stomach flu. Turns out I’ll take the […]

Dependent On IKEA

While I busy myself making our new house a home I am in a constant battle over where to put stuff. Our old house had been renovated to our specifications, there was a place for everything. Well, a place for most things, we never did find a spot for the crock pot. The new house is […]

DIY Moving: Packing

DIY moving

Here’s the latest news from Homemade Frontier Headquarters – We’re moving!  In, uhm, 11 days. On the upside we packed a lot when we listed the house. On the downside we are freakin’ moving in 11 days! While I crave the simplicity of going the moving supply store and picking up conveniently sized boxes, I am […]