Feel Good Friday: Ode To Coffee

For 37 years I hated coffee. Could not stand the bitter taste. Then one day, long after we’d graduated from all night nursing, I was desperately tired and I gave it a try. And I liked it. You’d think the cross-eyed-nearly-dead-from-tired early days of parenting would have turned me to coffee earlier. When I started with […]

Sunscreen: The Summer Necessity

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Can’t we just tattoo sunscreen on? Nothing kills summer fun more than wrestling your kids in an attempt get full coverage. Wait there is something that kills summer fun faster, a nasty sunburn. Sunscreen is everything I hate. Small plastic bottles of chemical soup that cost […]

Feel Good Friday: The Pool Edition

Sitting buy the pool

There’s no doubt about it, a pool is a demanding backyard accessory. The pump needs energy, the heater needs energy and natural gas. There’s all those chemicals, they have to be delivered somewhere then I have to drive around to pick them up. There’s the fishing out of leaves every half hour, there’s vacuuming up […]

Feel Good Friday: The Potato Chip Edition

This is right after I cleaned my kitchen of mouse poop. I earned those chips.

There is nothing finer in my book than a deep fried potato with salt. Not. One. Thing. Once upon a time I fought the potato chip but not any more. Now I embrace it for the delicious simplicity it offers. In fact there’s some very good reasons for eating a deep fried potato chip. They […]

Feel Good Friday: Shop Less Edition

In a moment of panic and/or regret I requested a copy of Not Buying It: My Year of Not Shopping by Judith Levine from my local library. Then I forgot all about it. When it finally arrived on the holds shelf for me I was tempted to leave it there. But I frequent a very […]