Homemade Headache Help: A Heatable Rice Bag

homemade heatable rice bag

Headaches get me down. I can’t be alone on this, who likes a headache? Sometimes I headache is deserved, like when you drink a crate of champagne at your cousin’s wedding. Sometimes a headache is not deserved, like when you endure an extreme heat wave and then accidentally break all the links on your blog. […]

Homemade Hair Kerchiefs

Sew a ribbon onto a triangle and voila! You have an adorable hair accessory. This is a great use of fabric scraps or vintage handkerchiefs. There’s a fabric scrap version and vintage handkerchief version. The fabric scrap version takes a bit longer, but has the advantage of matching an adorable skirt you’ve made. Both version are pretty darn quick and east. Let’s get sewing!

Let’s Make Skirts: 10 Homemade Skirt Patterns

homemade skirt

You want to know what I hate? Well, I am going to tell you anyway. Shorts. I hate shorts. My patience for shorts extends only to the following: an extremely old pair of cut offs for gardening or camping a ratty pair of sweat pant shorts for warm weather house cleaning and cooking Neither option […]

Sewing Lesson: Elastic Thread

Have you ever stumbled across a darling sewing pattern that calls for the use of elastic sewing thread? Does it have you stumped and roadblocked? ¬†What is it, why would you want to use it and how the heck would you go about it? Elastic thread is just that. You wind a bobbin full of […]

Sewing Lesson: Blue Ribbon Ruffle

Ruffle Diagram

I try to be the crafter who’s not intimated by trying new things, but I must admit the idea of making a ruffle gave me pause. It sounded complicated. My answer to that was to give it a try when someone was around to hold my hand. Enter my mother-in-law, Deb, and her “blue ribbon” […]