Join Ravelry and Let’s Be Friends

So we’ve hooked you into fibre crafts, you’re knitting and crocheting up a storm. Hooray! That was the plan from the beginning, enabling everyone we know to buy more yarn. Glad you are on board. Carry on good crafter. Now that you are busy knitting or crocheting you need somewhere to keep track of all your […]

How a Homemade Passion Begins

Post by Tara Patey. Hand made has always been an important part of my life.  Some of my clearest childhood memories involve things made by hand.  Like the hours I spent at my grandmother’s elbow, watching her knead bread and bake cookies.  Or the hand knit woollen mittens and socks she would make me.  Let’s […]

The Great Nut Butter Debate

Nuts are good. All the nuts are full of great healthy goodness. We need more nuts. Unless you are allergic, then you must make do with your own internal nuttiness. The lovely and curious Kristin @ Taming Insanity has sent in a question about nut butters, asking which kind is the best choice- regular, organic or natural.  And before I […]

Dinner Doesn’t Come In A Blue and Orange Box.

Today I want to share some shocking truth with you. Brace yourselves. Here it comes… The people at Kraft did not invent macaroni and cheese. It’s true, they really didn’t. Some nice Italians in the 1800’s did. Regardless, Kraft put it in a box and nearly ruined it forever. But not totally. There still remains, on […]