Homemade Hair Kerchiefs

Sew a ribbon onto a triangle and voila! You have an adorable hair accessory. This is a great use of fabric scraps or vintage handkerchiefs. There’s a fabric scrap version and vintage handkerchief version. The fabric scrap version takes a bit longer, but has the advantage of matching an adorable skirt you’ve made. Both version are pretty darn quick and east. Let’s get sewing!

Let’s Make Skirts: 10 Homemade Skirt Patterns

homemade skirt

You want to know what I hate? Well, I am going to tell you anyway. Shorts. I hate shorts. My patience for shorts extends only to the following: an extremely old pair of cut offs for gardening or camping a ratty pair of sweat pant shorts for warm weather house cleaning and cooking Neither option […]

Sewing Lesson: Elastic Thread

Have you ever stumbled across a darling sewing pattern that calls for the use of elastic sewing thread? Does it have you stumped and roadblocked?  What is it, why would you want to use it and how the heck would you go about it? Elastic thread is just that. You wind a bobbin full of […]

Lessons Learned Learning To Crochet

learn to crochet

Post by Carol Anne I started crocheting as way to connect with my mother and grandmothers (even the mean one!).  They crocheted and knitted and I feel a little closer to them, like we’d have something in common if they were here.  That may be a little heavy.  But, it connects me with family that […]

Homemade Play Dough: A Rainbow Of Fun

Is there anything better than friends who love homemade as much as you?     Homemade Play Dough       Recipe Type: Play Dough Author: Kristin   For playing, not eating. Ingredients 2 cups of flour 2 cups of water 1 cup of salt (plain table salt is best) 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 1 tablespoon […]