Chronic Shmonic Muffins

I’m on a personal mission to lower the GI of my favorite baked goods. If you’re not familiar with the glycemic index (or GI), it’s simply a way of rating how much a given food will raise blood sugar levels. It’s a scale from 1 – 100. The idea is to eat foods low on […]

What To Do When Your Kitchen Is Full Of Raspberries

raspberry canes

Is your kitchen full of raspberries? Mine too! Don’t worry friends, I’m giving you a step by step post telling you how to use up all those berries. Not one raspberry will be wasted. Promise. Step 1 – Freeze as many as you can. I suppose the most hygienic way to do this is to […]

Five Recipes I’m Making When My Vitamix Arrives


I’ve done it. I ordered a new blender. Not just any blender, there’s a fancy dancy new Vitamix on it’s way to me as I type. I’m giddy with excitement, like a kid waiting for Santa I keep checking out the window for the UPS truck. I’ve never had such a serious blender. Oh well, […]

Sweet Potato Omelette

I am a believer in the sweet potato, I believe that they make you pretty. It’s more than a belief actually, it’s like a founding principle of my life. Sometime around Christmas we had leftover grated raw sweet potato in the fridge. Don’t ask why because I have no freaking idea. About the same time […]

Got Pumpkin?

pumpkin recipes

Pumpkins and I are old friends. I like orange and I like fall, pumpkins speak both of those languages. We have fun in the kitchen together. Now that Halloween is done get your hands on some discount pumpkins and get cooking. If you are lucky enough to find (or grow) one of the more delicious┬ávarieties […]