Cookbook Challenge

As I mentioned a while back I’ve fallen off the meal planning wagon and it left me in its dust. I’m determined to get back to it, any day now. It’s just that the whole roll up my sleeves, put my nose to the grindstone kind of effort needed isn’t that much fun.  Isn’t it […]

How To Cook 50 Pounds Of Meat

pulled pork

Say what?  Exactly. Who in their right mind would want to cook 50lbs of meat? I’ve never claimed to be in my right mind and I don’t intend to start now. So ya, I cooked up 50 lbs of pork shoulder to serve at my mother in law’s family reunion, which I guess is my […]

Canning Marathon 2013

fresh picked peaches

Here’s how it went down- 2 days processing and canning peaches, a few days rest, then 2 days processing and canning tomato and tomato products, relish, salsa, ketchup and the like.  It would be fair to say that I went well off the deep end this year with canning. By the end I felt like […]

Off The Pickling Deep End

bushel of pickling cucumbers

It’s been my late summer/early fall habit for many years to preserve for the winter. I like to pretend I’m Ma Ingills and work from sun up to sun down getting ready for winter so my family doesn’t starve.  Last year with selling the house and packing up and moving and unpacking, canning didn’t get […]

Bring On The Peaches!


  If I was forced to chose my most favourite of summer I would chose peaches. I mean really forced, like against my will, because choosing between summer fruit is like picking favourites between your kids.  Peaches are just starting to make an appearance at our farmer’s markets. But I’ve got an inside scoop on […]