Twelve Tips For Simpler Weeding


Let’s talk weeding. I know it’s not sexy and it’s not a part of gardening that most of us enjoy, but, like doing the dishes, life’s a little better once the job is done. I grew up in the midwest where weeds don’t get much more than 6-8 inches high. Imagine my horror when I […]

Raise Worms And Produce Compost

how to compost

One of my greatest friends is a compost expert. Heather has been composting for years and I am keen to learn how to produce my own dirt. I invited Heather to share her compost tips with us.  I have a dirty little secret – I’ve been living with worms for 14 years. Ever since I […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Homemade Flower Arranging


While I could do without the ridiculous heat wave that has hit Southern Ontario, I am loving the blooms in my garden that the sun has brought. Or did the week of rain bring them? Either way there is a rainbow of flowers in my front and back yard. And because it is far too […]

Propagation Lesson 2: When It Looks Like Everything Has Died

learn to propagate shrubs

Remember this? The lush cuttings I did to share my propagation techniques with you?  They didn’t stay that lush for very long. Here’s what they look like now- There’s a few leaves hanging on but mostly it’s a bunch of dead looking sticks with shrivelled leaves and fungus looking to take over. But fear not friends […]

Tried and True Vegetable Garden Recommendations

At Homemade Frontier we welcome gardeners at every level. If you are just getting started visit our 10 Gardening Tips for Newbies. If your green thumb is well established then please share your experience in the comments. Here are my tried and true best vegetable garden plants. Herbs It’s nice to buy herbs in the spring as […]