Homemade Headache Help: A Heatable Rice Bag

homemade heatable rice bag

Headaches get me down. I can’t be alone on this, who likes a headache? Sometimes I headache is deserved, like when you drink a crate of champagne at your cousin’s wedding. Sometimes a headache is not deserved, like when you endure an extreme heat wave and then accidentally break all the links on your blog. […]

How To Knit Socks

Who’s ready to knit socks? The crowd goes wild wielding their needles and their sock yarn in excitement. Good because here’s the first steps. Cast on knitting friends and make socks. And here’s the really fun part – we’re making our very own pattern. It’s not hard, I promise. Just a little math, which you […]

Homemade California Rolls

California Rolls

My daughter just turned five. Presents poured in from all of the country — well, mostly from the Midwest. But one came from Japan! That’s right, my brother and sister-in-law sent her a sushi maker capable of producing hearts and teddy bears. (My brother and sister-in-law are in Minnesota, not Japan. But the sushi maker […]

Chocolate Covered Nuts and Bolts

In my neighbourhood nuts are not allowed at school, just like Mary’s lamb. I believe in the healthy goodness that is nuts and there’s no allergies at my house, so we eat our nuts at home.

And I cover them in chocolate for good spirits. You can skip the chocolate but I don’t advise it.

This recipe is simple to throw together and perfect for an after school snack.

Rock Candy: A Delicious Experiment

It is all science all the time right now at my house. My oldest is in a split class and is determined to keep up with everything the grade 3 class is doing in science. We’ve been busy. We started with crystals. While epsom salt crystals are a great experiment, they aren’t that much fun […]