Homemade Lemonade: 5 Recipes To Cool You Down

ginger basil lemonade

Water gets tiresome and in the really hot weather sometimes water alone isn’t enough to quench our thirst. We need something that packs a bigger punch, something that is cool and sweet. We need lemonade. And sure you can get in your hot car and pick up a carton of pre-made lemonade on sale at […]

Make Matcha Green Tea Lattes


Green tea lattes are my new thing. I started seeking out anti-inflammatory foods after a recent bout with the mother of all sinus infections. It turns out the caffeine in my coffee is inflammatory, but green tea, which delivers a healthy dose of caffeine, has anti-inflammatory properties as well as being packed with amino acids. […]

Homemade Iced Coffee: A Recipe and a Lesson

It’s my personal secret mission to duplicate all manner of Starbucks coffee at home. The last time I was at Starbucks I had an iced vanilla latte. So obviously I couldn’t rest until I reproduced it at home. I did it. And obviously I am going to share it with you. It’s delicious, creamy and […]

Ten Steps to Hosting a Perfectly Simple Tea Party

Post by Lucy Miller Robinson.  Drinking tea is a lost ritual, in the process of revival. In the U.S., the specialty tea market quadrupled from 1993 to 2008. Tea shops are popping up all over cities like San Francisco and Seattle. New brands like Republic of Tea, Zhena’s Gypsy Teas and Yogi Teas have swooped […]

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte: A Tutorial.

This isn’t the prettiest I’ve ever looked but it’s for a good cause.   In your blender mix 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree, 1 cup of milk, 1/4 tsp each cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger. Blend. Pour into a microwave safe dish and heat it up. Or heat on the stove if you prefer. Mix milk […]