Lessons Learned Learning To Crochet

learn to crochet

Post by Carol Anne I started crocheting as way to connect with my mother and grandmothers (even the mean one!).  They crocheted and knitted and I feel a little closer to them, like we’d have something in common if they were here.  That may be a little heavy.  But, it connects me with family that […]

Knitting vs Crochet: Let’s Stop Fighting

Knitting VS Crcoheting

If you are new to the world of yarn crafts you might not know that knitting and crocheting have long had a rivalry. I don’t know who started it but it’s as old as sheep and there’s no good reason for it. For the love of yarn, let’s stop the fighting. Knitting and crocheting are […]

10 Simple Crochet Projects

simple crochet projects

So you’ve mastered the granny square and are ready to tackle the next crochet challenge. Me too, crafty friends, me too. Only I am not totally finished the tote bag yet. Shh, don’t tell. Turns out the handle and the sewing up aren’t as much fun as the granny square part. If you are ready […]

Crochet-a-Long: Let’s Make a Granny Square Bag

Welcome happy crafters. Who’s ready for another crochet lesson? Me too. Today’s lesson: granny squares.
The lovely Mandi, who’s been very generous with her time and yarn, has researched a great pattern for us. We’ll be using a free pattern, Granny Square Bag from JoAnn’s. Learn new skills and make a new tote, best deal ever.