10 Ideas for Canada Day and July 4th

berry trifle

Homemade Frontier is equal parts patriotic Canadian and patriotic American. And as such we aim to celebrate each and every holiday regardless of which side of the border it falls on. What we are saying is – more parties! Canada and the United States celebrate their birthday’s in the same week and even have coordinating colour/color schemes. […]

Homemade Headache Help: A Heatable Rice Bag

homemade heatable rice bag

Headaches get me down. I can’t be alone on this, who likes a headache? Sometimes I headache is deserved, like when you drink a crate of champagne at your cousin’s wedding. Sometimes a headache is not deserved, like when you endure an extreme heat wave and then accidentally break all the links on your blog. […]

How to Make Wet Felted Beads

felt beads

Here’s a quick project that kids love. They get to play in water and use their hands without needing much fine motor skills. And they end up with colorful little felted beads they can use for just about anything. My daughter pretends they’re money, food, you name it. Or you can use a sharp needle […]

How To Knit Socks

Who’s ready to knit socks? The crowd goes wild wielding their needles and their sock yarn in excitement. Good because here’s the first steps. Cast on knitting friends and make socks. And here’s the really fun part – we’re making our very own pattern. It’s not hard, I promise. Just a little math, which you […]

A Case For Knitting Socks

The first thing I ever knit was a sock and it was the ugliest sock I’ve ever seen. It was knit with the worst kind of squeaky acrylic yarn and was fluorescent green. It was so stiff that we used it as a mitt to open the fireplace gate to add more logs. I never knit it […]