Canning Marathon 2013

fresh picked peaches

Here’s how it went down- 2 days processing and canning peaches, a few days rest, then 2 days processing and canning tomato and tomato products, relish, salsa, ketchup and the like.  It would be fair to say that I went well off the deep end this year with canning. By the end I felt like […]

Off The Pickling Deep End

bushel of pickling cucumbers

It’s been my late summer/early fall habit for many years to preserve for the winter. I like to pretend I’m Ma Ingills and work from sun up to sun down getting ready for winter so my family doesn’t starve.  Last year with selling the house and packing up and moving and unpacking, canning didn’t get […]

Cookbook Giveaway: 250 Home Preserving Favorites

Who loves homemade jam? Yay, me too. The award winning, and generous, Yvonne Tremblay has shared with me her newest cookbook 250 Home Preserving Favorites: from Jam and Jellies to Marmalades and Chutneys  And it is awesome! Yvonne is a preserving Queen and covers simple no cook jams to elaborate gourmet delicacies with everything in […]

How and Why to Start Canning Food

I love canning! And because I love it I think you should all do it too. I feel great when a shelf full of rosy local peaches in a mason jars sits waiting for pancakes on a winter day. Here are two reasons to start canning: Preserved foods are the ultimate fast food. The labour is […]