Oh, The Choices

So it’s my birthday. And while it’s a big birthday (I’m 40 today) my plan is to have a quiet introspective birthday and finish this damn runstreak I started. Then have some pie. For years all I’ve wanted for my 40th birthday was my own bathroom and a pool. I have those, happy birthday to […]

The Streaking Update Or I’m No Quitter

I’m not going to lie – this runstreak is hard. Exhaustingly hard. Several times I’ve cursed my stupid self for signing up for such a crazy, and public, challenge in the heat of July. What was I thinking? The writing part of the challenge is a joy. Interestingly I get nearly all my ideas while […]

In Which We Are Infested

She looks like she might spot a mouse but she didn't.

You take the good, you take the bad, You take them both and there you Have the facts or life, the facts of life. I am singing this to myself as I deal with an infestation problem that I am classifying as the bad. (Can you name that tune?) What is the point of having […]

Five Ways To Stick It To The Man

compost bin

If there’s anything I know for sure it’s that changing too much at once is a recipe for disaster.  And crying, there’s usually a lot of crying. But then… I am impatient. I want things done yesterday. This leaves me stuck between emotional collapse and boredom. Imagine me the teeter totter of life, doing too much, […]

Feel Good Friday: Shop Less Edition

In a moment of panic and/or regret I requested a copy of Not Buying It: My Year of Not Shopping by Judith Levine from my local library. Then I forgot all about it. When it finally arrived on the holds shelf for me I was tempted to leave it there. But I frequent a very […]