8 Lessons from a Major Appliance Debacle

Last week featured a slew of first world problems at my house. Chief among them, we bought a brand new washer and dryer and the washer broke down on the very first day. Just a bit of background: my husband Ben is very handy, but has recently decided he is sick to death of fixing […]

Chronic Shmonic Muffins

I’m on a personal mission to lower the GI of my favorite baked goods. If you’re not familiar with the glycemic index (or GI), it’s simply a way of rating how much a given food will raise blood sugar levels. It’s a scale from 1 – 100. The idea is to eat foods low on […]

Homemade Crepes


Mmm, crepes. Somewhere between a pancake and an omelet, crepes are more versatile than you may realize. They’re a great way to wrap up delicious things, be they sweet or savory. Personally, I prefer savory. My local farmer’s market has a vendor offering huge crepes stuffed with local goodness. They even offer two kinds of […]

Twelve Tips For Simpler Weeding


Let’s talk weeding. I know it’s not sexy and it’s not a part of gardening that most of us enjoy, but, like doing the dishes, life’s a little better once the job is done. I grew up in the midwest where weeds don’t get much more than 6-8 inches high. Imagine my horror when I […]

How to Make Wet Felted Beads

felt beads

Here’s a quick project that kids love. They get to play in water and use their hands without needing much fine motor skills. And they end up with colorful little felted beads they can use for just about anything. My daughter pretends they’re money, food, you name it. Or you can use a sharp needle […]