Cookbook Challenge

As I mentioned a while back I’ve fallen off the meal planning wagon and it left me in its dust. I’m determined to get back to it, any day now. It’s just that the whole roll up my sleeves, put my nose to the grindstone kind of effort needed isn’t that much fun. 

Isn’t it much more fun to buy a whole pile of brand new cookbooks for inspiration? Of course it is but I am also on spending freeze, or maybe it’s more politically correct to say I’m trying to behave like a grown up instead of letting money burn a hole in my pocket. 

Either way I have a shelf full of cookbooks, two shelves actually, and I’ve barely cracked the spines on many of them. And I’m willing to bet that most of you have a shelf full of cookbooks that could use some love and attention too. 

I had an idea. Here it is- 

For the next week we make one new recipe everyday from cookbooks we already have at home. It has to be breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can make as many desserts as you want but they don’t count. Let’s start Friday to give ourselves time to get prepared and shop. Who’s in? 

We can keep track of what we are cooking on the Homemade Frontier Facebook Page. Click over there and give it a like if you haven’t already. 

If (and I will need proof to believe this) you have already cooked your way through each and every cookbook you own, then you have my permission to buy new cookbooks. Or you could visit some new food blogs. It is my belief that the best recipes out there are from bloggers. 

I took a peak into my cookbooks today to remind myself what I had in there. These are my favourites-

  • Jamie at Home, Jamie Oliver
  • Chef at Home and Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen, Michael Smith
  • Make it Fast, Cook it Slow, Stephanie O’Dea (a super duper food blogger) 

What cookbooks are on your shelf? Which are your favorites and which have you never even opened? 


  1. I rarely use/buy cookbooks since that is what the internet is for. I’m not about to break open the cookbook that came with the microwave!

  2. I’m in – but then I think you probably already would have guessed that. I’m currently in love with Gordon Ramsey; we’re on a first name basis…. well his cookbook and I are. I also have lots of cookbooks that I really havent’t cracked the spine on; Cooking with the Horse and Buggy People is the first one that comes to mine – mainly because I don’t need to cook for 80 of my closest relatives but it was a well intentioned gift so it sits on my shelf. I too like Michael Smith and yet don’t own any of his cookbooks, although I’ve gifted them to many friends and family….

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