Stuff Simplified

We’re three weeks into this back to school business and I am doing my darnedest to live up to my full time home maker title and clean the place up some. 

If there was employee performance review for my work I would be fired without a reference. Luckily I am the boss of me and I won’t fire myself. Yet. 

My cleaning up duties would be much simpler if we didn’t have so much stuff. In fact I think the best choice to keep our house clean is to give away all our things. OK, maybe not all of them but we have far too many things. 

For example: mixing bowls. We have 10 mixing bowls. TEN! And they all get used and then they all sit on the counter, dirty, until someone (and by someone I mean me) commits to doing the dishes and washes them all. Rinse, repeat. I’ve long believed that if we had one mixing bowl it would have to be washed when it was dirty because it would be the only choice for mixing. 

It’s possible we have a similar problem with bags. None of them get emptied because there are a 100 more stacked in the cupboard. My kitchen floor is covered in half empty shopping bags. Why do I need a pantry if I just use shopping bag to store our dry goods? 

It makes one wish for the return of the disposable shopping bags. Plus now I have to buy plastic bags for pet waste. More stuff! 

While I love that my kids amuse themselves crafting, they bore of one craft then start another. Our tiny toy cupboard is packed to bursting with not quite finished craft sets. Each one producing eleventeen hundred precious crafted bits that must be kept on the living room floor or under the couch. 

The only advantage I have to my home keeping duties is that both my kids are at school all day. I am free to throw things into the recycling or even the garbage willy nilly without help. And of course by help I mean the kids crying and moaning for putting their beloved bit of broken plastic that they haven’t played with on 4 years in the garbage. 

Despite this struggle with stuff my mantra for September is: I will have order. (Bonus points if you can name that line) Of course by the time I manage to create a sense of order it will be June and the kids will be home for summer. Oh well, you can’t have everything. 


P.S. I discussed our mixing bowl collection with my beloved husband, asking if we could maybe get rid of the more beat up plastic ones. He said no. Humph. 


  1. I am the anti-hoarder. I throw everything away! It doesn’t help with the laundry though.

  2. Heehee. Mrs. What’s her name from Harry Potter. I can picture you using her enunciation :-)

    Just finished cleaning up the pet messes, litter and food bowls :-( now I’m putting away laundry and cleaning out the drawers today for donations. Ah the work of a home maker is never done!
    On the positive side, we will have more space. I will have order!!

  3. I’m often tempted to get rid of half of what we have. Especially in the kitchen! And yes– mixing bowls. Why do we need 10!?

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