Meal Planning Intervention

Back in the day when I started Peace, Love and Muesli my grand plan was to provide a meal planning service. I wrote a business plan and everything. 

Oh how far I’ve come. Or fallen. 

Eventually I realized that I don’t like meal planning all that much and I probably would like it less if I was forced to do it as a job. So I abandoned that plan. And I learned that my strength is encouraging and educating people to do things for themselves. 

Since those ready to plan meals for the internet masses I’ve totally fallen off the meal planning wagon. I have no idea what we’re eating next. Actually, that’s not true I just convinced my husband to take me out to lunch but after that we’re flying by the seat of our pants.

I have a few excuses

  • The freezer is full of meat and the garden is producing enough to keep us in greens, potatoes and tomatoes. There’s lots of food and dinner will come together. Though probably not until the last minute.
  • The last school year of commuting really did a number on my sanity and home organization of any kind went by the way side. 
  • My 6yo has been diagnosed with a dairy allergy. We are a cheese dependent family. Sure I can still eat cheese but cheese as a main course for dinner (pizza, nachos, mac ‘n cheese) has to go. Don’t even get me started on the difficulties of packing a cheese free school lunch. 

I’m pretty imaginative in the kitchen but adjusting to our new no dairy lifestyle has been a herculean task and a major block to meal planning. A lot dairy free recipes use over processed dairy-like products, coconut yoghurt, soy based margarine, pea protein cheese. It’s my experience that none of these products taste very good, especially to a 6yo. 

Now that my kids are settled into a new school that doesn’t require me to drive hours everyday and I can skip off to the grocery store without my brood there’s no reason for me to not get back on the meal planning wagon. And those kids of mine get off the bus starving like they haven’t been fed since yesterday and I. Must. Have. A. Snack. 

Meal planning needs to happen. So the grumpy that hunger brings doesn’t destroy us. 

Tell me friends your tricks and tips to meal planning. I’m so far gone that I’m not sure where to start. 



  1. I’m in the same boat — except we don’t have to give up dairy. I’m nearly ready to sign up at relish They even have a GF site.

  2. Just a thought but I find many one dish oven baker dinners use your cast iron for one dish oven baked meals…”google” it you will be amazed…and while your dinner is baking you can get out to the garden or get the lawn done whatever… I find so many ideas for easy meals I even print them out and save the best ones…The extra copies I send to the fire department to give them some ideas … Eat well and prosper …will in Michigan

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