10 Simple And Cheap Homemade Cleaners

I’m not big on housekeeping. I know, this isn’t news or anything but it still shocks me when I see a glitter covered dust bunny bigger than the dog hop on by.  But I am anticipating a new house cleaning frenzy and I want to be ready for it when it hits. I like to keep an organic house without any harsh chemical cleaners.

The solution – homemade cleaners and scrubs.

Here’s 10 super simple ways to keep your house clean without over extending your budget or toxifying your house.


Our new house is carpeted, top to bottom. And it’s old carpet. I am new to vacuuming a house full of carpet. To help in the task of cleaning carpets I love this idea from Mrs. Happy Homemaker for Homemade Carpet Powder. It’s baking soda and essential oils, I can support that.


To help in the task of making a new house our own, I will be bringing along some rosemary from the garden to simmer up a delicious homemade room deodorizer. A simple recipe from One More Moore with lemons, rosemary and vanilla. Lovely.

homemade room deodorizer


Vinegar is a homemade cleaning powerhouse but it’s not all the pretty smelling. Here’s the solution – infuse vinegar with lemons or oranges. The Freshly Simple shows us how to infuse the vinegar and then turn it into an all-purpose cleaner. Great for counter tops, cabinets and anything else that needs a freshening wipe.

homemade cleaner


As I said there’s it’s all carpet in our new house but the house we’re leaving behind is all hardwood. I don’t want to leave our house in a filthy mess for the new people, that’s just bad manners. I’m going to mix up some homemade floor cleaner from Nature’s Nurture and leave our floors shiny clean.

homemade floor cleaner

For weekly maintenance I only use water and a micro fibre mop. I am assuming that post move our floors are going to need more clean than water. For your amusement here’s me cleaning my floor.


And now the bathroom. Is there anything worse to clean than the bathroom? If there is I don’t want to know about it.


In the case of extremely dirty bathtubs Marissa from Finely Ground did a cleaning experiment and reports on the best way to get the grunge out. I won’t tell you the results, you can click over, but I will tell you it’s simple and easy.

homemade bathtub cleaner


New to me at the new house is shower doors. I was scared of the soap scum until I found this recipe for soap scum killer from Life, Crafts and Whatever. It’s a simple mix that needs to be heated first to get the job done. Spray, wait and wipe. Clean shower doors. Hooray!

homemade soap scum cleaner
Then there’s the toilet. Calli at Make It Do has searched out the best of homemade toilet cleaners and shares 2 simple recipes that get the job done with minimal effort and no toxic chemicals. The debate to use a toilet brush or scrub with your hand I will leave up to you. I’m sticking with a brush.
homemade toilet cleaners
While laundry soap isn’t going to clean your house I couldn’t resist including a recipe for homemade laundry soap from One Good Thing from Jille. It’s the most complex recipe of the bunch but look how much laundry soap it produces! Jille recognizes that not everyone wants to commit to cooking laundry soap so she developed a simpler one, no-grate homemade laundry soap. Homemade laundry soap for everyone!

homemade laundry detergent
Whenever the sun hits the screen of my laptop I’m disgusted by the state of it. How can I even see what I am typing? The Prairie Homestead has a recipe for homemade computer and TV screen cleaner. It makes up a batch and will keep you seeing clearly for months.
homemade screen cleaner
After all that the house should be clean. And with any luck it might stay clean for at least a whole minute.
What are your favourite homemade non-toxic cleaning tricks?


  1. This is a great post! I knew some of these things, but some are new to me! My only complaint is I have yet to find the Arm&Hammer Super Washing Soda in my home town. Do they even sell it in Canada?

  2. I like the idea of infusing the vinegar!! I use it everyday, you get used to the smell…this will be a nice change though!

  3. I need to try some of these. I’ve been using a non-toxic store bought cleaner lately out of sheer laziness.

  4. Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog! :)

  5. I’ve been enjoying lemon water (to drink) and then discovered a little lemon juice on a wet garment is great at getting out stains. I regular use the juice now to get out any lingering cloth diaper shadows: soaking wet diaper with lemon juice on it will be stain free after a day in the sun.

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