Clean Up Your Craft Space

Sometimes creativity is lacking and sometimes it’s lacking because your craft space looks like this-

clean up your craft space

Yet another non self-cleaning space.

My craft cupboard houses not only my craft supplies but also the kids crafts. See there at the bottom where stuff is spilling out, that’s their stuff. But that’s all the space we’ve got, it needs organizing or we’ll never get any making accomplished.

So I cleaned it up. And now I am going to task you with cleaning up your craft spaces. I am a giver like that.

Here’s the mess I started with-

craft supply storage

The wrapping and ribbon drawer, which is spilling up into the scrapbooking shelf. Somehow an errant lump of plasticine has found it’s way up there too. I don’t like plasticine. Give me homemade play dough any day.


craft supply storage

This is the yarn, needles and patterns drawer. Imagine finding a 2mm double pointed needle in that mess. Now imagine it without swearing because your 5 year old is playing on the couch. It’s not possible.

crafting supplies

I have a long list of sewing projects I’d like to do this summer. I even have the fabric and supplies for most of them. But can I find them? No I can not. What you can’t see in this picture is that there are 1800 safety pins rattling around the bottom of the drawer along with a collection of beads. Awesome.

I am pleased to report friends that I tackled this mess. I sorted and organized and purged. I tidied that crafty mess into submission.

Here’s the big reveal-

craft supply storage

Gift bags and ribbon I can find. Lots of ohhing and ahhing please.

craft supply storageTidy and organized balls of yarn and patterns. I recycled a binder full of knitting lesson notes that I haven’t looked at once in 10 years. And filled a donation box with old patterns, yarn and needles.

craft supply storage

Cutting mats and rulers are an expensive investment and to keep them in top shape they need to be stored flat. I might have been cheating on that. But it’s fixed now. Any volunteers to sew on 15 Brownie badges over the summer?

I joke, of course I am going to sew on Brownie badges. Unless you are offering.

And because I don’t aim for perfection in life I left that lump of plasticine right where it was. I’ll find it a home the next time I clean up.  Or maybe I’ll throw it out. Shh, don’t tell the kids.

craft supply storage

 How’s your crafty space looking? Does it need some tidying?


  1. You don’t even want to know. I don’t have enough room for a dedicated space, so it’s all over and none of it’s tidy.

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