Why Go to the Farmer’s Market if You Don’t Need Veggies?

My refrigerator is crammed with leftover vegetables from my daughter’s birthday party. More carrots, broccoli, celery and cauliflower than we can possibly consume. But on Wednesday, I went to the farmer’s market anyway.

In fact, in summer, we grow most of the vegetables we eat – but still I hit the farmer’s market almost every week.

Because really, the farmer’s market is an experience in itself – just taking in the sights and smells of the freshness of the season.  And most have more to offer than just veggies.

12 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market Even When You Don’t Need Veggies

IMG_2383IMG_2385Hazelnut Baci

  1. A great cup of coffee Local roasters often have a stand. Make this your first stop and you can stroll through the market while sipping a cup of joe.
  2. Plants for your garden Wednesday I came home with a six pack of spinach and one burpless cucumber which I immediately put in the garden. They also had some lovely sedum and I noticed someone is selling asaparagus crowns – I’ll be going back next week to score those.
  3. Fresh cut flowers Beautiful bouquets abound, and multiple vendors keep the prices down.
  4. Sweets Small batch cookies and pastries offered by mom and pop bakeries are second only to your own.
  5. Ideas I still eyeball the vegetable stands to see what I might like to grow in the own garden.
  6. Eggs I think you should raise your own chickens, but if it’s not your thing, get some at the farmer’s market fresh from the hen.
  7. Cheese Artisan cheese makers often offer free samples, so you can taste before you buy.
  8. Fish Fresh salmon right from the fisherman anyone? (If you’re not in the Pacific Northwest, I’m sorry, that was just bragging.)
  9. Meat At some farmer’s markets you can buy meat right from the rancher.
  10. Music Any decent farmer’s market has a busker or two. Live music is my daughter’s favorite part of the farmer’s market.
  11. Lunch Handcrafted pizza, sausages, gyros and pitas are all on offer at my local market. I bet there’s something delicious and ready to eat at yours.
  12. Happy faces I challenge you to find a cranky looking person at the farmer’s market.

So even if you’ve got a fridge or a garden packed with fresh veggies, head to your nearest farmer’s market this week and report back on the great stuff you find.


  1. It would be such a treat to go to the farmer’s market with you on a fine June day.

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