Let’s Make Skirts: 10 Homemade Skirt Patterns

You want to know what I hate? Well, I am going to tell you anyway. Shorts. I hate shorts.

My patience for shorts extends only to the following:

  • an extremely old pair of cut offs for gardening or camping
  • a ratty pair of sweat pant shorts for warm weather house cleaning and cooking

Neither option is suitable for out-of-the-house wearing.

You want to know what I love? Skirts. Skirts are the best warm weather clothing option. Running skirts with built in shorts for active wear and trips to the zoo or Disney World. Linen skirts for dress up and parties. Jersey skirts for everything else. There is nothing a skirt can’t do. Also they don’t tend to have a restrictive waist band and that’s a style I can get behind.

My Pinterest boards are filled with skirt patterns and I think it’s high time that we drag out our sewing machines and get busy making ourselves a few pretty skirts before the warm weather hits us. Who’s with me?

homemade skirt


  • We will be ready for any fancy party with this pretty Layered Skirt from Ruffles and Stuff. This a free pattern with an excellent tutorial, she takes us through all the steps with details and pictures.
homemade skirt


  • I have never sewn a pleat before but I’m going to start so I can give this Pleated Wrapped Skirt a try. A detailed tutorial from Tanya at Grand Revival Designs, with an explanations on how to size the skirt to fit. Handy info.
homemade skirts


  • For those days when you want to cozy up in a skirt visit Leanne at Elle Apparel for a Maxi Skirt tutorial. This pattern uses jersey knit fabric which can be tricky but Leanne talks us through the process. A great lesson and a super skirt as a reward.
homemade skirts


  • Also from Leanne at Elle Apparel, this Lace for Days skirt. This is a more advanced tutorial but oh my is it ever pretty. The post talks us through making a pencil skirt, with a zipper, then adding the lace layer. The possibilities for this skirt are endless…
homemade skirt


  • Girls of all ages need a twirly skirt. I’m sure it’s a in a rule book somewhere. This tutorial from Dana at Made shares instructions on making the pattern and sewing a Circle Skirt in all sizes.
homemade skirt


  • This is a no sew wrap around skirt from a long piece of jersey fabric. The instructions are from Passions for Fashion, the post is written in Danish but the instructions for wrapping the skirt is pictures. Simple to follow and simple to make.
no sew skirt


  • Naomi from One Avian Daemon has a Hemless A-Line Skirt pattern and tutorial. No hemming you say, yes please! Very straightforward instructions and once you have the pattern made, there’ll be no stopping you.



homemade skirt

And let’s not forget the little girls!

homemade skirts for kids


homemade skirt for kids


Now, where to start?






  1. Jessica Anne says:

    Cute! I need to make the kids skirts for sure and the A line, circle, and knit one for myself. Added to the list. :)

  2. Amazing, I am only just starting to make things at the moment and these are way too advanced for me but when I look at them I do see how they can be put together, looking at these kinds of more advanced work really lets me see where I am heading! Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for including my skirt tutorial!

  4. Jei Altop says:

    This a great, I am making skirts for a friend who will be traveling missions to Burma real soon and this is affrodable, quick and Fun! thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Sevena Gagnon says:

    I am right there with you!!! If I do not have on a skirt I have on a dress. Thanks for these new pattern links!! Guess what I’m doing during “Naptime” this week ;-)

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