Lessons Learned Learning To Crochet

Post by Carol Anne

learn to crochet

I started crocheting as way to connect with my mother and grandmothers (even the mean one!).  They crocheted and knitted and I feel a little closer to them, like we’d have something in common if they were here.  That may be a little heavy.  But, it connects me with family that I otherwise don’t feel connected to.

As Kristin fumbled her way through her crochet lessons with Mandi, I took my hook and figured it out too. Here are my beginners thoughts on crocheting-

• It is very relaxing. Though you have to pay attention, you can still have whole thoughts as well as conversations while you work.

• If you are going to sit in a chair anyway, you can feel productive about it.

• Planning is probably a good idea.

• But, even if you don’t, it can be okay.

• Your children will think you’re magic.

• If it’s 86 degrees, crocheting a blanket can get a little hot.

• Sewing in the loose threads isn’t the best part.

• Granny Squares make beginners look like they know what they’re doing.

• I’m a fan of the Granny Squares.

• It can cause you to neglect your chores and/or children.

• Children are pretty durable though, and are better off with nice handmade things in the long run. And making their own snacks encourages independence.

• Having a friend to update about your projects makes it infinitely more fun.

• Yarn doesn’t go as far as you think it will.

• I think wanting a couple of skeins in every color is totally normal.


Carol Anne is a beach loving mom of 3 boys, an avid photographer and quickly becoming a yarn lover. She is taking homemade to a new level and home-schooling her boys. You can find Carol Anne on Pinterest and Flickr.




  1. Those are all very valid points! I am so glad that the lessons helped you learn crochet! Your blanket is beautiful! Happy crafting!!

  2. Jessica Anne says:

    Gorgeous blanket! Very valid points, especially the getting their own snack one. I like that.

  3. YAY! Thanks guys! I can’t wait to try this out. You just may have a convert on your hands.

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