A Nature Themed Birthday Party

Thus far in my birthday party throwing experience we’ve had parties at home. Simple play in the backyard eat cake parties. That’s how I like it. And if the fun had by all the party goers is any indication, they like it too.

We celebrated a 5th birthday party this past weekend and the birthday girl requested her guests come in costume. The little princesses did not disappoint. One of the things I love about girls is that you can dress them all fancy with glitter and tiaras but they still love getting dirty.

nature themed birthday party


For an activity the girls transplanted pansies. You might think we were crazy for inviting a table full of kindergarteners to play with dirt on our dining room table; my dad did, but it was freezing and raining outside. And our table isn’t exactly tidy to start with.

Once dirt was removed from the guests, their costumes and the floor it was cake time.

nature themed birthday party


By request from the birthday girl, we had cupcakes baked in ice cream cones, all gluten free. I took to twitter to research baking cake in ice cream cones, don’t overfill was the only rule required. I stood the cones up in a muffin tin to give them a little support.

Also by request: ice your own cupcakes with a sprinkle bar.

nature themed birthday party


Each guest had a ziploc baggie with icing with the corner snipped off.

nature themed birthday party


It only takes about 8 seconds for 1 kid to figure out that they can squeeze the icing right into their mouth and then it’s an icing free for all. While I support a little refined sugar at a party I’m not so keen on sending home a kid barfing up coloured icing. So I supervised like a hawk and confiscated icing bags when I deemed a cone was sufficiently decorated.

Then I took the icing bags to the kitchen and piped the icing into my own mouth.

nature themed birthday party


We had to vacuum again. Sprinkles bounce, and roll.

How do you celebrate birthdays at your house?




  1. Would love to hear more detail on making cake-in-a-cone. Any more how-to?

    • Bake just like you would cupcakes, 350 for about 20 minutes. Mine took longer, gluten free usually does. I stood them up in muffin tins to give them some support. Others suggested crumpling tin foil on a bake pan to hold them.
      If you overfill the batter runs over and deforms the cone, still tastes fine but it’s not pretty for the kids. I enjoyed those ones!

  2. I am so stealing your ice cream cone cakes for my daycare kids! Love it :)

  3. JamieAnne says:

    That’s great. I love decorate your own cupcakes! They’re always a hit for me.

    • It was really fun. I was nervous about a bunch of 5yo’s but it was great. The real mess was later when my niece and nephews got into it!

  4. Glad the cones worked out. Potting flowers sounds like a great party activity and a nice loot bag.

  5. So fun! We’re getting ready to plan the monkeys 4th birthday with the added complication of it bring 5 days after the baby arrives ;) We’re going to let him pick the theme, think up game related to that, invite 6-8 friends, and have loads of fun for less than $100

    • Yes, for under $100 dollars. The gluten free ice cream cones might of put me over budget. I went through 3 boxes to find enough unbroken ones.

  6. When I was little it was a special thing to get birthday cake in ice cream cones. I am glad to see that the idea has been revived!!

  7. Jessica Anne says:

    Fun! I like the icing, especially the confiscating and eating it yourself part. The things we do as parents to keep our kids safe.

  8. I think we need to try some of those ice cream cone cupcakes – they look like so much fun!

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