10 Simple Crochet Projects

So you’ve mastered the granny square and are ready to tackle the next crochet challenge. Me too, crafty friends, me too. Only I am not totally finished the tote bag yet. Shh, don’t tell. Turns out the handle and the sewing up aren’t as much fun as the granny square part.

If you are ready for more, here’s 10 great projects to inspire you.



From Colour in a Simple Life a great tutorial to make a granny bobble stripe. In many colours. I do so love colours. Karen has many beautiful original patterns for crocheters.

simple crochet projects



So simple and so pretty. The pattern and tutorial for these slippers is from Zoom Mummy. Petra has lots of great patterns for sale on her Etsy shop.

simple crochet projects


From Crocheting the Day Away this sweet little bow. A pretty embellishment to a barrette or a hair band.

simple crochet projects


There’s nothing I hate more than hair in my kid’s eyes and they hate their hair tied up. Solution- headbands. Love this crocheted headband from CreativeYarn.

simple crochet projects


Who doesn’t need a crown? A newborn and 12 month sized crown from Alli at Alli Crafts. I’d really like one in my size.

simple crochet projects


Also from Alli is the Boo Boo Buddy ice pack. It’s a little pocket to hide a bag of ice, you know, for boo boos. This would be a big hit at our house.

simple crochet projects


Have I mentioned that I am a fan of rainbows? I love, love, love this rainbow pencil case. And with a zipper to challenge our skills. The pattern is from Siona Karen, click over to take a peek at her other free patterns.

simple crochet projects


Sunny weather is coming up and everyone needs a pretty sun hat. Let’s make them! Visit My Merry Messy Life for this free sun hat pattern. Sara also has a post with head circumference measurements, super helpful.

simple crochet projects


This throw blanket reminds me of one my grandmother made years ago. Of course hers was orange and brown. This is the Windsor Ripple Throw, a free pattern from Red Heart Yarns. There are lots of pretty free throw and afghan patterns at Red Heart, if you are in the market for a blanket it’s worth taking a peek.

simple crochet projects


With or without the flower the Granny Stripe Boutique Bag from Tangled Happy builds on our granny square making knowledge and makes a super cute bag. Excellent to show off our homemade skills at a party.


Now the only dilemma is which one to make first.


  1. Carol Anne says:

    Yay! Love these! I want to do them all. I’m going to start with the granny bobble stripe.

    Started a houndstooth ipod cover last night. I figured I had just enough yarn left to make it without a trip to the store.

  2. Jessica Anne says:

    So cute! As soon as I finish the granny square bag I’m making the purse. I’m a slow crocheter.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Rainbow Pencil Case Kristin. If you or any of your readers are interested starting May 1st, I’m giving away a premium crochet pattern every Tuesday. Free to anyone who loves crochet. Just sign up via my website. Happy crocheting!

  4. Very excited to see the Granny Stripe Boutique Bag featured on the Homemade Frontier! It’s a great pattern for beginners. Thanks so much Kristin. :)

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