5 Knitting Projects that are Not Picky About Gauge

Sometimes, you just want to knit. You don’t feel like worrying about gauge (or tension). These project are for you. While each project has a recommended gauge, the fact is no one is going to know or care that yours doesn’t quite match. No swatching and changing needles sizes to get it perfect. Just use the recommended needles and yarn weight and cast on!

Oh, and even better, all of these patterns are free and available online. Click on the image to see the pattern.

Asian inspired washcloth from knitty.com.
Big stuffed owl from PurlBee.
Knitted grocery tote at Ravelry.com.
Beautiful scarf that will make you feel French from knitty.com.
Stroller blanket to test your skills at howstuffworks.com
Which one would you like to make? I’m thinking my girl needs that owl.


  1. Carol Anne says:

    Love them all! I’m thinking that owl is something I could get excited about. Very cute.

  2. Jessica Anne says:

    Love them! Just what I’m looking for, I tend to ignore gauge. Love the bag and the wash cloth.

    • Another great aspect of these patterns is there isn’t a lot of seaming and finishing. I’m not always fond of that part of a project. Also, I didn’t get around to mailing your yarn yet. It’s waiting at my desk for a lunchtime trip to the post office early next week.

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