10 Sewing Lessons I’ve Learned The Hard Way

I’ve made some mistakes, I admit it. And when it comes to sewing, my mistake quota is off the charts. Please learn from what I’ve done wrong. Please.
  1. Measure twice before cutting. Four times is better.
  2. Take the time to press well.
  3. Use the seam ripper, often.
  4. In the case of clipping inside seams, check (twice) before you cut.
  5. Do consult more accurately minded people than yourself before you venture off the path of the pattern.
  6. Have many measuring devices. Hide some from the kids, keep under lock if necessary. Hide one from yourself even.
  7. Seam allowances aren’t just for rookies.
  8. Clip threads as you go. Always.
  9. Let your kids choose fabric and thread, sometimes they know better than you.
  10. Don’t let anyone touch your fabric scissors. Even your husband. Especially your husband, rope is not fabric, either is wire.

Any other hard learned sewing lessons?


  1. Jessica Anne says:

    Excellent advice. What is it with kids and rulers? I’ve learned I can’t cut straight, even with a straight edge, rotary cutter, and pad.

  2. 11. Seam rippers can also cut fabric.

  3. I no longer sew (my step mom is just so much better at it) but I still have two seam rippers for getting rid of itchy and annoying labels without ruining the clothes

  4. Amanda Austin says:

    Oh, seam ripper. Two projects in and we are already bffs

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