Learn To Knit With Homemade Frontier.

Who’s ready to learn something new?  Well good. Grab your yarn and needles and let’s get knitting.

We’ve got 3 basic lessons for you and 3 next step lessons.

Lesson 1: Cast On.

Click here to watch.


Lesson 2: The Knit Stitch

Click here to watch.

Lesson 3: The Purl Stitch

Click here to watch.


Once you’ve mastered those tricks, we have how to do ribbing, how to introduce new yarn and how to cast off over on our YouTube channel.

Now cast on good people and as always we want to see what you make on our Flickr page.


BIG HOMEMADE NEWS: Tomorrow, Tuesday March 27th, Kristin and Sue from Homemade Frontier will be joining the ladies of Pin Savvy Social for a Twitter Party! The party starts at 1pm EST and we’ll be answering questions and giving out prizes. Our super sponsor Herbal Philosophy will be joining us too. Don’t miss it! Head over to the Pin Savvy Social and RSVP.


  1. Jessica Anne says:

    Oh yeah, that looks familiar. And fun.

  2. I took two two-hour knitting classes but have been YouTubing it since. Knitting is my new blogging ;)

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