Homemade Caramel Apples.

A mess was made, it was enjoyed by all.

Click homemade caramel apples for the recipe. Remember not to taste the caramel until it has cooled. Do as I say people not as I do, I have the burned finger to back me up.


  1. holy crap i love caramel apples. so so so much

  2. Yum! And we have a plethora of apples around here.

  3. Yum. Almost rivals those ones we got at the One of a Kind.

  4. I just might gather the courage to try this, but I don’t have a candy thermometre!!

    Gotta share this recipe I did last night, you will love it!! The applesauce in the recipe alone is fabulous, (instead of chopping apples and adding juice I just used my frozen applesauce) and I used the leftover applesauce from this recipe for french toast, OMG!! I made it with pork butt chops, which are a we bit fattier and oh so tasty! Enjoy!!


    Sorry I’ve been scarce…it’s been a crazy month, but I’m still reading every day ;)


    • No apologies allowed! The pork chop recipe looks lovely. I might try it with a pork tenderloin.

      • If you do you absolutely must make it with mashed potatoes, who knew? mashed potatoes and this applesauce rocks!

        I showed your video to my girls…guess I’m buying a candy thermometer tomorrow!!

  5. I love caramel apples like nobody’s business but my one attempt at making them was an epic failure.

    • Then you are going to need to try again. Invest in a candy thermometer, using the soft ball hard ball method is a recipe for trouble.

  6. You are ridiculous and I LOVE it! These look so awesome. We made them last week. I was nowhere near as fun as you. Caramel only. Obviously need to do it the P, L, M way.

    • The caramel alone is pretty tasty. But I do like a hit of chocolate on top, especially with the crisp apple. Yum.

  7. Never in my life have I seen burgling caramel. So yummy! I like the addition of fancy decorations at the end. Makes it so much more colourful.

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