Keep Cool With Homemade Lemonade


Oh. My. It’s. Hot.

homemade lemonade

I like the idea Summer and I enjoy not wearing my winter boots everyday but I would be perfectly happy to skip from Spring to Fall. Everyone has their favourite season and everyone has their lesser known least enjoyed season. My least enjoyed season is Summer, though at my house I wouldn’t say it is lesser known.

If I had my very own swimming pool, or ocean, it would be a different game all together.

To keep my wilting spirits up I hydrate. Lots. Water does get tiresome after the 15th litre, so I jazz it up. That’s right, I jazz up water.

You know the old adage “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well I say “If it’s stinking hot out get to the market and buy up as many limes and lemons as your 4 year old can count then get home into the air conditioning and make lemonade” and sometimes I add “Make 2 kinds while you are at it.”

And so, yesterday that’s what we did. We made ginger mint lemonade and pink raspberry limeade.

Homemade Lemonade

Make a simple syrup – 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar (I use cane sugar, honey works too) simmer until sugar is dissolved.

Juice 6 lemons or limes (or a mix).

Add syrup, lemon juice and 6 cups of water to a large jug. Serve with ice. Or rum. Dilute with more water if you find it too sweet.

To flavour your lemonade, add to the simple syrup and let steep. For the limeade I added raspberries, then pushed them threw a fine mesh sieve to keep the seeds out. For the ginger mint lemonade, I threw a handful of fresh mint and slices of ginger into the syrup. The longer you let your flavours steep, the more intense the flavour

homemade limeade


 Cheers! Stay cool friends.

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