Brussel Sprouts: The Cruciferous Superhero.

Brussel sprouts are the ultimate cruciferous vegetable. What’s not to love? I am ignoring your eye rolling and vomit gestures under the table.

If you mean to be healthy, make friends with Team Cruciferous. Though introduce them slowly to your diet. Did anyone see Sheldon overdosing on brussel sprouts last week?

Eat Your Green Things

Cruciferous vegetables have some of the best cancer fighting properties going. This group of foods should be in our diet many times a week. They support detoxification, which means they help get rid of the evil smellies and they have many special magic compounds that protect us from disease.

Brussel sprouts are the greenest leaf of Team Cruciferous. They have some extra magic.

  • A new study has shown that brussel sprouts have an ability to protect our DNA. I am not really sure what that means but I am 100% sure I don’t want my DNA tampered with and if sprouts are helping with that goal I am going to eat them.
  • Fiber in brussel sprouts binds to the bile in our digestive tracks, helping to excrete the bile. Magically this results in a lowering of cholesterol.

We really don’t need that many sprouts to make up a serving. One serving = 1 cup = 4 to 6 sprouts.

That 1 cup contains

  • The entire vitamin C requirement for one day and then some.
  • All the vitamin K we need in a day and more.
  • Folate, vitamin A, manganese, fiber, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, iron. The list goes on…

Brussel sprouts are better than a vitamin. And tastier.

Preparing Your Brussel Sprouts

You can buy sprouts either on the stalk or already taken off the stalk. If you buy the stalk, you will have to snap off the sprouts. I use my fingers, you could use a knife. Then they need to be cleaned. Wash and cut off the brown of the stem and the outside leaves, to expose the clean inside leaves. Then you are ready to go.

FYI- overcooking your brussel sprouts is bad news. Go for slightly underdone. Still with a crunch.

Enjoying The Delicious Sprout

I am a brussel sprout lover. I will eat them cold for a snack. But I am willing to recognize that not everyone is happy as a clam to eat up a brussel sprout and might need some encouragement.

For simple steam or roast brussel sprouts, toss in butter or balsamic and eat. A pinch of salt is a must with brussel sprouts.

For fancy give these a try-

Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta, bacon works just as well in place of pancetta. My mom has made this recipe several times and no brussel sprouts left on the plate yet.

Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Winter Panzanella makes great use of brussel sprouts. And it’s out of this world delicious.

Fess Up Sprout Eaters

Who’s never had a brussel sprout? I will need your solemn promise that you will try them in the next 2 weeks. If you’ve had brussel sprouts and you hated them, try them with bacon and then let me know how you feel. If you join me in my love for the brussel sprout, then please share your favorite recipe.


  1. I love brussel sprouts! Even Tater, my picky eater, will eat them.

    My favorite thing to do with brussel sprouts (other than eating them with a little bacon and onions) is making mock mashed potatoes with them!

    • Mashed?!?! I have never heard of this. How do you do it? Cook until soft and give ‘er with the masher? Wonder if you could make a fritter with it.
      I am really going to need more info, I’m getting very excited!!

  2. Aging Mommy says:

    Brussel sprouts are a rite of passage if you are English and are served with the turkey on Christmas day to boot. There is only one thing that truly makes me want to vomit and that is these things – if I put one in my mouth it makes me feel ill. Yuck and double yuck but yes, if you like them they are good for you :-)

    • If you have tasted them and couldn’t deal, then you are excused. But you will need to eat up the other cruciferous veggies. More to come tomorrow.

  3. Okay, I will fess up. And I must admit I was not compelled to change that until you mentioned the bacon option. I might just be able to pull that one over my family.


  4. i love rolling them in butter and salt (after a good steaming) I think I need to try this bacon idea though….

    • hmmm, butter and salt. I’ve never had the bacon recipe, only Ken. He was in Montreal for a meeting and stayed with my parents. It changed his mind about brussel sprouts.

  5. Jessica Anne says:

    I’ll fess, I’ve never had Brussel sprouts. I’ve heard they’re yucky. ;) I might try steaming them, maybe.

    • What kind of blasphemy is that! Brussel sprouts are NOT yucky. Steam and toss with balsamic vinegar. Lots of salt and pepper. I am expecting a full report.

  6. I’ll have to try this this weekend after the babe has gone to bed. I don’t like trying new recipes with my unskilled self and a one year old to watch. My brain can’t handle it and I’m worried about boffing this.

    • He won’t remember you boffing a recipe, he will only remember his mother in the kitchen lovingly preparing food for him.
      Let me know the results.

  7. I haven’t tried a brussel sprout in 15 years. I promise to try one in the next two weeks though I reserve the right to spit it in my napkin.

  8. I have four gigantic brussel sprout plants in my garden right now. I am dying for a frost so I can harvest them! I can’t wait!

    • Why do you need a frost? Mine didn’t do much this year because the rabbits ate the seedlings but last year I harvested them all the time. So it is the biodynamic way?

  9. Leslie @ crunchybetty says:

    Okay. You convinced me with pancetta. Oh, this is a big deal, me even considering willingly eating brussels sprouts.

    You will be the health of me yet.

  10. Also love ‘em! There’s a trick to steaming them (or cooking in a closed container) where you vent it briefly at first to let out the fumes that make them smell/taste bad. I’ve enjoyed them ever since learning this.

    My favorite ways to eat them, though, are halved and either roasted or grilled. It’s always fun to see people look strangely at the grilled sprouts, but they always disappear fast. :-)

  11. Sue Campbell says:
    • Provided the bunnies don’t eat my sprouts next year, I will have a taste test. Harvest some before and some after the frost. What could be better than a brussel sprout taste test?

  12. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:

    Kristin, beautiful lady, you know how much I love you, but I can’t can’t can’t can’t do brussel sprouts.

    I just can’t.

    I’ve tried. I promise.

    But I can’t.

    I hope you still love me.

  13. Joey @ Big Teeth & Clouds says:

    I really enjoy brussel sprouts. They tickle me because they look like mini cabbages. Yes, I still enjoy miniaturized anything. I made mini pierogies for dinner tonight.

    • I wrote a bit about them being mini cabbages but took it out because I wasn’t sure being close to a cabbage was a selling point for non brussel sprout lovers.
      Let’s talk about mini pierogies…

  14. blueviolet says:

    Can I please have some broccoli instead?

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