Butter Makes The World Go Round

Here’s how this is going to go down. I am going to tell you that butter is super duper healthy and you are all going to agree. OK? My (sometimes) fragile emotional state can’t handle a word said against my beloved butter.  Who I am kidding? I am always an emotional basket case. That’s why I need butter.

Butter is not the evil smelly the margarine people made it out to be. Butter was just minding it’s own business, doing it’s delicious thing. And margarine snuck out of the lab in the middle of the night and was suddenly all over the tv and newpapers telling anyone who would listen that butter would kill them. This sneak attack happened when folks still believed what advertisements told them. Butter went out with the next morning’s trash.

Margarine was the king of the heap for a long time.

Soon folks could believe it wasn’t butter. Margarine didn’t taste as good as butter, it didn’t bake as well as butter and for Heaven’s sake butter was in the Bible. Margarine wasn’t in the Bible.

They asked for scientific proof about the usurper margarine’s claims. They demanded to know how it was made.

Turns out margarine is mostly plastic and it’s the stuff that will nearly do you in.

Slowly but surely butter has been climbing it’s way back in to the hearts and mouths of healthy eaters. Margarine keeps trying it’s sneak attack business but folks are smarter now. They know not to listen to packaging.

Butter is good stuff and has good stuff in it

  • vitamins A, E, D and K
  • selenium and iodine
  • small amount of both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  • lecithin, which helps in cholesterol metabolism

Sure, you say but butter is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Well, that might be true but kids need that fat for healthy brain and nervous system development. It is a great energy source and it tastes so very good.

It seems the raw butter, is the healthiest choice. I’ve done some research and is near impossible to get raw milk in Canada unless you own a cow. The next best thing is to opt for the organic “happy cow” variety. So far in my butter loving life I have always chosen regular cow unsalted butter.

The other butter solution is to (everybody now) make your own.

homemade butter

Butter making is delightfully simple. I used my mixer but you can use a mason jar.

Fill the jar and shake what your mama gave you.

Name that movie. (Please name that movie, my 6yo says it all the time and I have no idea where she learned it)


Add cream. I used whipping cream. Maybe 1/2 a litre. I was careful not to use it all because that would cause a major trauma with tomorrow’s porridge eaters.

Beat. It will look like delicious whipped cream. Keep beating. Well, you can stop for a taste if you need to.

If you are inclined stop and scrap down the sides every so often. Beat on.

When it starts to clump together and looks butter like, it’s ready.

Drain the butter in a fine mesh sieve or in some cheese cloth. Or you can squeeze the liquid out with your fingers.

And that’s it. You’ve made butter.

Enjoy. If you want you can add salt to taste. Or honey and black pepper for really fancy.

Now, tell me all about your butter love. And to be fair, if you hate butter and eat margarine you can share that too. I can take it. I’m growed up enough. I hope.

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