To Start Your Day

Breakfast is a big deal at our house. None of this grabbing a granola bar on the way out the door stuff. We set the table, sit down and eat a proper meal. Of course most of us don’t have anywhere to go in the morning.

To throw a wrench in the plan I recently forced my family to give up pre-made breakfast cereals. You know the kind that come in a box with a cartoon animal on them. They are probably not all bad but the box cereal industry works so hard to convince me that they are healthy and wholesome for me and my family that it strikes me as suspicious.

Instead we have turned to cooked cereals. The kids love oatmeal. Not instant pour it out of a packet and add hot water oatmeal. I mean add oats, little salt, little cinnamon and vanilla, add water and cook, usually in the microwave. Once it’s cooked, the kids can choose either maple syrup, honey or cane sugar to sweeten. Cream is a popular addition too.

I can not stomach cooked cereals, I will quite happily force it down my kids throats but do not expect me to taste it. My favorite breakfast (other than a spinach and old cheddar omelet) is muesli with yoghurt and fruit. I started with Bob’s Red Mills Muesli. But it seemed silly to pay an arm and a leg for fancy pre-made muesli so I headed to my friendly neighborhood Bulk Barn. Turns out they have everything you need to made your own delicious and healthy breakfast cereal for only an arm and half a leg.
Rye flakes, spelt flakes, kamut flakes, large rolled oats, amaranth seeds, ground flax seed, hemp hearts, psyllium husks, walnut pieces, kasha (which is toasted buckwheat), pecan pieces, sliced almonds and sliced hazelnuts.
How much of each? No idea.
I spent $56.75. It will likely feed us for 3 months. I will keep track.
The hemp hearts were $15.43 and they were on sale. I include them because they are very high in protein and the hardcores say that we need protein at every meal. You could omit them or buy a smaller bag.
The beauty of this do-it-yourself breakfast cereal is that you can make as much or as little as you want. If you aren’t sure you will like a particular ingredient you can make a small batch or add it in the bowl to taste.
One small step before mixing it all together.
It is my experience that amaranth tastes very lovely when toasted. So I toasted it. Threw it into a hot dry skillet and stirred it around until it looked like this.
Amaranth pops like popcorn, don’t be alarmed. Also you might think it is starting to burn because it gets very dark. Carry on until it is nice and toasty looking.
Mix everything together in a large bowl. Or a small bowl if you are not a lunatic with a scoop at the Bulk Barn like me.
Store in an appropriate sized container.
I enjoy it with plain yoghurt sweetened with a little maple syrup and fruit. Also lovely with milk.
This is a serious breakfast. It will fill you up and keep you going. You will have to remind yourself to eat lunch.
One last helpful tip- If you are a sloppy chef, like myself, it is helpful to have the vacuum at the ready when preparing such a large batch. Spilled amaranth seeds feel like spiked ballbearings under your feet.


  1. I am currently expecting (due in August) and suffer from gestational diabetes. My OB suggested I try oatmeal for breakfast, but like you I can’t stomach warm cereal. I’ve stumbled upon this recipe, and am willing to give it a try. I hope it helps!

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