Cookbook Challenge

As I mentioned a while back I’ve fallen off the meal planning wagon and it left me in its dust. I’m determined to get back to it, any day now. It’s just that the whole roll up my sleeves, put my nose to the grindstone kind of effort needed isn’t that much fun.  Isn’t it […]

Stuff Simplified

We’re three weeks into this back to school business and I am doing my darnedest to live up to my full time home maker title and clean the place up some.  If there was employee performance review for my work I would be fired without a reference. Luckily I am the boss of me and […]

Am I Ready For The End Times? Or Testing Our Emergency Preparedness

A while back I wrote a series on emergency preparedness. I quit before I finished the series because I got totally overwhelmed with the work that was needed to be ready for any and all disasters. The thing about preparedness is that there is no end to the work you could do.  Which also means that’s there […]

Meal Planning Intervention

Back in the day when I started Peace, Love and Muesli my grand plan was to provide a meal planning service. I wrote a business plan and everything.  Oh how far I’ve come. Or fallen.  Eventually I realized that I don’t like meal planning all that much and I probably would like it less if […]

How To Cook 50 Pounds Of Meat

pulled pork

Say what?  Exactly. Who in their right mind would want to cook 50lbs of meat? I’ve never claimed to be in my right mind and I don’t intend to start now. So ya, I cooked up 50 lbs of pork shoulder to serve at my mother in law’s family reunion, which I guess is my […]